Jhoom-Bollywood Dance Company offers live performances, Bollywood dance classes and workshops designed to liven up your events with glitz and glamour. The fun, tongue-in-cheek nature of our performance and workshop styles have proved to be an excellent ice breaker and set the right mood for events such as corporate functions, hen’s nights, birthday parties and weddings.

Note: Our teaching and performing teams are fully vaccinated against Covid19 and adhere to all Covid19 safety requirements. In the event of cancellations due to Covid19 restrictions, we will provide a full refund.


We offer you professional Bollywood dance performances that are colourful and vibrant, and accompanied with an interactive workshop session which involving your guests by teaching them some Bollywood dance steps to fun “filmi” tunes.
Our performers bring their our own music; therefore we only require use of a good sound system.

“Bollywood Masti” (15 min) – Option A1 

1 Bollywood medley dance performance (approx. 6 mins duration) plus a short audience participation session (approx 10 minutes) for guests. 

“Bollywood Jaadu” (30 min) – Option A2  

1 Bollywood medley dance performance (approx. 6 mins duration) plus a short dance class (approx 20 minutes) for guests. 
Please note that if you select Option A2 – Bollywood Jaadu, a microphone will need to be provided for the workshop. If you will have a DJ attending on the day, it may be possible to hire a microphone from them, however, you will need to discuss this with the attending DJ.


We provide an instructor for up to 45mins to an hour (we can vary this if required) to teach the group a Bollywood routine. It will be a lot of fun, melodramatic and the participants will have a blast.
Our instructor will first demonstrate the routine (approx 2 mins) and proceed to teach the steps to have your group dancing like film stars by the end.
The instructor will bring a small portable CD player and music. If your venue has a sound/speaker system available, we will use that for best sound quality. 


If you are planning a Bollywood Dance Performance or Dance Lesson Workshop, please complete the following details and send to [email protected].
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  • Dance area available (surface type and approx size):
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  • Preferred performance/workshop option:
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